“Construct a career” trailblazers O’Neill & Brennan have been quick to respond to the ever changing landscape at present by adding the ETCAL Level 2 Award in the Responsibilities of a Social Distancing Compliance Officer to their COVID-19 Training provision – the first of its kind to be accredited.

The HSE announcement that any case of COVID-19 on site in the construction industry is to be treated as a RIDDOR incident has reinforced the urgent requirement to have all sites and projects fully COVID-19 compliant, meaning our new award is the perfect response to urgent industry need.

It must be noted however that the qualification, along with our new Level 1 Award in Social Distancing Awareness, is applicable across all sectors including Hospitality, Transport and Engineering to name but three.

The  Level 2 Award in the Responsibilities of a Social Distancing Compliance Officer, written in conjunction with a number of experienced multi-sector professionals, provides staff with the opportunity to have a fully qualified Social Distancing compliance marshal on site, with the Level 1 Awareness award ideal for remaining staff in support. The Compliance Officer award provides health and safety guidance on social distancing, how to sanitise sites, and how to spot coronavirus symptoms.

As Social Distancing becomes the norm for the foreseeable future, the construction industry would greatly benefit from robust preparation for changes in the policy moving forward, with the qualifications written to be adaptable to what is set to be a fluctuating policy throughout its lifespan.

 O’Neill and Brennan head of quality, health, safety and environment Colin Gears has thrown his support behind our development in creating the course for O’Neill & Brennan, stating in ‘Construction News’ that: “The course has been designed to provide an awareness mechanism for recipients to provide a supervisory support element to site and office management. The practical information provided is aimed at providing a supervisory and marshalling observer capability to guide and engage all work colleagues in working together, understanding and following the necessary rules and procedures with the aim to save lives and protect the NHS.”

For further information, CLICK HERE or call 01257 676457 to initiate the addition of these qualification to your existing offer.

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